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25 km south of Carcassonne, at the foot of the Pyrenees, Limoux is located in the heart of the “Pays Cathare“. The city is the birthplace of great wines, including the Crémant de Limoux and the Blanquette de Limoux, the very first sparkling wine in history. Limoux, is also a festive town that offers multitudes of attractions and activities to do with family, couples or friends.


Limouxone of the 100 most beautiful detours in France
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Limoux entered the circle, by definition restricted, of the hundred most beautiful detours in France in 2009. This ranking owes nothing to chance and is the result of long and patient work that has enabled Limoux to obtain a place among the elite of towns with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants. This distinction goes hand in hand with a second complementary component: offering quality events to tourists.

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The historic center with churches, bridges and medieval structures. A leaflet available at the Tourist Office allows a free discovery of the city. Discover “Pérégrinations Limouxines”, a tour of the city center.

Petiet Museum with its collection of late 19th, early 20th, pointillist and academic paintings. In the former painting studio of the Petiet family, the museum invites you to discover two centuries of painting. Paintings by Marie Petiet and Achille Laugé (pointillist), Etienne Dujardin Beaumetz. Digital work installed within the Museum and readable from the interactive book and mobile devices. Recreational visit for children. Cycles of conferences, concerts and creative workshops.

Musée du Piano, within a desacralized church, two centuries of piano collection: Pleyel, Erard, Elcé and models unique in the world. The majority of the pieces on display have been donated by Europiano France. An auditorium has been set up in the choir and hosts classical music concerts.

Museum of Automatawith many splendidly dressed automata. Each visitor can discover in complete freedom, more than one hundred characters in a dreamlike maze. A sensitive journey. In the den of secrecy, here the characters come to life, in a series of universes where characters inspired by fairy tales and myths, the Venetian carnival or other phantasmagorias are mixed.

The Institute of Mask Arts houses a remarkable collection of theater masks from the Cie l’Arche de Noé and offers visitors exhibitions over two seasons: in the winter around the Carnival of Limoux and European Festivals and Traditions and in the summer the creation.

Notre-Dame de Marceille, one of the most enigmatic places in the city and region. Founded in the 14th century, the chapel became a recognized pilgrimage church by 1380. The sanctuary, of southern Gothic style built in ashlar.

The Carnival of Limoux, the longest in the world is a long tradition of 400 years. From January to March, every Saturday and Sunday, the masked “Goudils”, accompanied by the costumed bands of the “Fécos”, pass from one café to another on the Place de la République.

The Limoux Brass Festival, brass music, which has been bringing together professional and international musicians for over 10 years.

The Les Bulles sonores festivalis dedicated primarily to the new French scene.

Toques et Clochers is an event that brings together those who make wine, those who sell it and those who drink it, in a friendly and festive atmosphere.

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