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Land of Myths and Legends


Where the mystery continues
An international mystery, a unique enigma

Discover Rennes le Château, a small village combining beauty and mystery. Let yourself be bewitched!

A breathtaking village

You arrive in Rennes le Château, this tiny village you have heard so much about. An atypical house charms you and attracts you towards a panoramic view. You are in admiration in front of a magnificent landscape! At 500m of altitude, 9 villages are revealed before your eyes, what a beauty!

Enter the plot ...

Change of scenery, heading to the church of St. Mary of Magdalene. Above the porch you read:

Terribilis este locus iste“,

which means “This place is terrible“. Wow! Curious, you enter the church. What is so terrible about it? Surprised, you are faced with an unusual scene: a devil supporting the holy water font, Asmodeus, guardian of the treasures… On the walls, you notice unusual colorful frescoes for a church, they whisper a story you are curious to know!”

Guided tour to be recommended for those new to this mystery, if one wants to ask questions or understand what seems so strange about these places

Discover the mystery!

The village

A guided tour is a must! Here you are immersed in the mystery of Rennes le Château. This historical mystery that intrigues you. You are told the story of a small country priest, the famous Abbé Béranger Saunière. You listen to the words of your guide carefully so as not to lose a drop of the breathless tale. You discover and contemplate with admiration the constructions and renovations made by the Abbot, the Villa Bethany, the majestic Tour Magdala, the Orangery … This Abbot must have been a sacred character!

Want more!
Tourism & disabilities

You settle down in the Abbot’s soothing garden, while contemplating the emblematic Magdala Tower. You meditate on this famous treasure enigma, on this mysterious way of life that you have just discovered, and curious, you leave with books on the Abbé Saunière, with only one goal: to find his treasure.