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Pech de Bugarach

Sacred Mountain

The fame of Bugarach extends throughout the world!
Curious legends born in Rennes-le-Château, have made it in turn an extraterrestrial base, a mountain with powerful magnetic fields or even the only refuge of the apocalypse, this inverted mountain retains many mysteries and curiosities.

A vibratory place known to the Templars and Cathars, Le Pech is known for numerous UFO sightings. Some people claim that electronic devices are malfunctioning there. Legends circulate about networks of underground caves housing a gigantic lake of a secret base and perhaps even a treasure. In 2012, while a Maja prediction announced the end of the world, the village would have been the only place spared. Numerous French and foreign televisions took possession of the site for several days, with the village of Bugarach making the national and international news.

The legend

Local legend states that the Aude was once, an immense and fertile plain over which fairies and goblins watched over, in permanent struggle against dragons and snakes that infested the region.

The fairy Nore and the pixies Bug and Arach were revered by all, while Cers, son of Aeolus, father of the winds and storms was rejected by all, the people of the earth accusing him of ravaging the crops, ransacking the houses and bruising the trees and flowers.

One day when the storm had wreaked havoc, the fairy Nore, taken with pity, resolved to implore the great god Jupiter. Touched by this audacity and perhaps by the beauty of the seductive creature, the master of thunder promised the little goddess to calm the wrath of Cers, his grandson.

Scaling the mountain to get closer to the heavens, Bug climbing on Arach’s shoulders begged the master of Olympus in turn. The latter allowed himself to be bent, raising a protective promontory in the clouds, made of the same mountain on which the two elves had settled to implore him. In the shelter of this new bastion, which took the name of Bugarach, the entire Roussillon plain and the Corbières plateau no longer had to fear the disastrous wrath of Cers le Mauvais.

Thus the Pech de Bugarach would be born!”

Pic De BugarachPic De Bugarach
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