Magdala Tower - Rennes-le-ChâteauMagdala Tower - Rennes-le-Château
©Magdala Tower - Rennes-le-Château|Jérôme Lachet
Land of myths and legends

Voice of Nature

Do you believe in fairies, nymphs and visitors from other worlds? These lands, full of myths, are reputed to be magical and mysterious. Frequented by Visigoths, Templars and Cathars, the three villages Rennes-le-Château, Rennes-les-Bains and Bugarach form what some call an esoteric triangle.

In its forests nature holds wonderful surprises. Here the springs whisper their mantra as the water flows, the stones stand in cathedrals and the daylight surrounds trees with a golden aura. So listen to the silence, the memories of its places invite you to an initiatory journey.

Devil's chaircircle spring and trembling rocks

A Rennes les Bains a rock shaped like an armchair and with strange engravings thrones surrounded by chestnut trees. At its foot springs a spring in the shape of a circle, with iron water. An unusual place par excellence called the Devil’s Chair, is linked by its legends to the history of the fabulous treasure of Abbe Saunière of Rennes le Château. People sensitive to telluric currents come from all walks of life to feel the vibrations of this place, women celebrate their femininity around the spring, explorers of lost worlds cross the paths in search of a secret passage.

The marked hiking trail provides access to this location, as well as to the Trembling Rocks, a gigantic block sandstone formation that seems to miraculously hold in balance,map to be found by clicking here!

Fountain of Love

Between Rennes les Bains and Sougraigne the waters of the “La Sals” form large, tiered natural pools connected by waterfalls. The water is singing. Surrounded bylush nature, the place is conducive toreverie. According to legend undines frequent its shores and lovers who bathe there together see their love last a lifetime.

Cascade des Mathieux

Monumentally known to mystery lovers, the small village of Bugarach is at the heart of many legends. Numerous testimonies evoke ovnis, vortex, galactic gate,lights coming out of the mountain.

Walking at the foot of the Pech on a shaded path, you will discover a small corner of paradise: the Mathieux waterfall. The torrent of the Blanque, which descends from the Pic de Bugarach forms a waterfall here and digs beautiful basins.

A marked path leads there. From the village take the Pech hiking trail, then branch off in the direction of the waterfall. This is a fairly easy hike to do with the family but not recommended in wet weather because of the ground which can be very slippery,map to be found by clicking here!