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A surprising nature

A road carved in the rock, a woodpecker saving the world, a salt smuggling in the middle of the forest, this stay will give you a total change of scenery and you will be surprised to imagine the life of the inhabitants of the territory in the middle of a preserved nature that leaves room for wonder in these dream landscapes.

Salt water areaSalt water area
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At a glance

The southern Limouxin offers a preserved and mysterious nature with which Man has known how to enter into harmony. Small corners of wonder that Man has known how to cultivate to (over)live, but also has been inspired to create stories, maintain mysteries, and give birth to legends… Find these vestiges, imprints of a past life in these forests, these mountains, and which have, over time contributed to the diversity of these landscapes. It is the light spirit that you will leave these places.

The Gorges of Galamus, a breathtaking spectacle

Awesome! Impressive! Magnificent! These are the first words that come to mind when at the bend in the road, the site of the Gorges de Galamus appears. A true nugget of nature, this grandiose site surprises by its reliefs. This canyon, dug by the waters of the Aglyfor thousands of years, is among the deepest and narrowest in Europe. The water has created pools of turquoise water carving through the limestone, up to nearly 500 meters in elevation. The gorges of Galamus are bordered by a road, narrow and sinuous, but so magnificent. It is there, a real human feat since it was built in 1890 by a handful of men suspended by ropes digging the rock with crowbars.

Built into the cliff, as if suspended in time, the hermitage St. Anthony of Galamus takes shape. What a discovery! The hermits would have succeeded each other from 1395 until 1930 giving a spiritual dimension to the place. By pushing the door of the cave-chapel is a feeling of serenity and well-being that invades you. Jérôme will be there to tell you the history of this timeless place.

As for sports activities, canyoning accompanied by an instructor is allowed within the site. You can find the providers on :


For the visit, leave your car at the parking lots at the entrance of the Gorges and walk along the road, skirting the canyon, you will be able to take full advantage of this extraordinary site.

But the day is not over. What could be more pleasant than walking through the authentic streets of Cubières sur Cinoble, 3 kilometers from the Gorges de Galamus site. A true gateway to the Aude, this charming little village welcomes you and invites you to discover its history over time. Built on the vestiges of an ancient abbey of which only a small part remains, the actual church, there is no lack of curiosities: children’s footprints in the tiles, advertisements of the time on the keystones… But also a castle and its exceptional garden, currently the only inhabited castle in the Corbières and whose owners will be happy to show you around.

The village of Cubières has kept its picturesque character – Small relaxing, and cultural stop in the streets of Cubières sur Cinoble while sipping a coffee or a cool drink on the terrace

Follow the path “Dans les Traces d’Autrefois” (In the Tracks of the Past) and plunge into the life of our ancestors of the early 19th century

An end-of-the-world protected day in Bugarach

For nature and legend lovers, there is no way to come to the Limouxin without discovering the Pic de Bugarach!”

The Village of Bugarach is located at the foot of the mythical Pic de Bugarach. Who hasn’t heard of it in 2012. This site is a place that has always attracted myths and legends, tales and wonders. Garage for alien saucers, refuge against the end of the world, energy vortex, goblins… But Bugarach is above all a geological curiosity, a particular mountain known as “Inverted Mountain“.

Alone in the middle of the valley, the birds sing, the cows graze quietly, the big birds of prey fly peacefully above our heads, the Peak imposes itself, big, majestic, it is the highest point of Corbières from the top of 1230m. For the most courageous and especially experienced and confirmed, it is for the day that they will leave, answering the challenge of its ascent from the lake. For the more reasonable, it is also possible to reach its summit by the hamlet of Linas (shorter and more accessible hike). Once at the top, let yourself be lifted by this lightness that takes you, close your eyes, breathe… – There is only you, the Peak, the Sky… and the birds with a 360° view where you can even see the sea. (Advice : walk early in the morning)

Back in the village, what better way to relax than by the lake and admire the water and greenery while listening to the lapping of the water. A change of scenery guaranteed! For the most courageous, it is possible to reach the Matthieux waterfalls, a magnificent waterfall at the foot of the Peak. At 3 km from the village in the direction of Rennes Les Bains, a vulture observatory, facing a rendering plot, allows you to observe vultures, eagles and other birds of prey of the Corbières in their natural environment. Let your spirit fly with them.

In Bugarach, good local cuisine is the order of the day in its 3 restaurants. Each with its own setting, but all with excellent traditional cuisine of local products. In season, remember to book in advance, La Ferme de Janou, Le Jardin de Sissou, Les Saveurs du Terroir.

A village with stone walls where the joviality of the inhabitants will surprise you. Castle, church, village square, halls, gardens, let yourself be seduced, it is not the end of the world!

Between salt and glass, in the footsteps of the gabelous, smugglers, glassmakers, charcoal makers…

A mountain, a spring, salt water… yet we are far from the sea! There is all the particularity of this splendid site. Gorged with rock salt stoned on the walls of the underground bed, the water comes out salty… sometimes even saltier than the sea. The Salz is there.

This site was the scene of atypical scenes between the salt smugglers who collected “white gold”, thwarting the vigilance of the gabelous whose guard post had been established near the source to watch it

Little extra:

In the small well kept treasures of nature, if you take the road, direction Fourtou, you cross the village and park your car in the recess on the right. You have the path of the Cascade du Vieux Moulin. This impressive and beautiful waterfall in a magical setting, feel that special atmosphere of well-being.

A little higher up, glass furnaces were discovered during archaeological excavations and rehabilitated by the Salicorne Association. Discover through the discovery itinerary “Between Salt and Glass” why glass furnaces in these places, why salt water in the middle of the mountain,… Come and discover this singular site, its natural wealth and its historical heritage, frequented in the past by many actors: glassmakers, jet miners, charcoal makers, lumberjacks, shepherds, peddlers and of course, smugglers and gabelous of the general farm at their heels.

Let yourself be guided and enjoy the walk.

On your way back to Sougraigne, park your car next to Camille’s guinguette and treat yourself to her sweet and savory crepes before a digestive tour of this country village

And if you’d rather be told the history of the site, feel free to call on Stephanie Buttegeg, a guide, to show you around

At the exit find beautiful illustrations of daily life, landscapes, portraits of local characters,… at Galerie photo expo Soc-Art

We love

  • Dive into these mysteries and legends generated by natural emblematic places that leave you dreaming and forget everything = rejuvenation assured.
  • Take a look at the history of Men through the eras whose life was shaped around these landscapes and emblematic sites.
Contacts & prices

Please note: the days and times of opening/availability may vary depending on the sites mentioned and the period chosen. Don’t forget to inquire.

Tourist Information Office of Couiza- 17 Route des Pyrénées- 11190 Couiza – 04 68 69 69 85

Tourist Office of Limouxin – 7 Avenue du Pont de France – 11300 Limoux 04 68 31 11 82

Day 1

  • La Boutique du Belvédère / ermitageParking des Gorges de Galamus – 07 85 93 00 96 – 7drs out of 7 from March to November- Souvenir store, local products, refreshment stand, pancake sandwiches
  • Alet Eau Vive, Canyoning activity: 04 68 69 92 67

  • Mairie Cubières sur Cinoble– Place Bélibaste – 09 82 28 20 51 – WIFI

Good addresses for a coffee-break, small snack or big hunger – 11190 Cubières sur Cinoble

  • Au Vieux Moulin (July-August) – 04 68 69 81 49
  • A la FrescaRoute des châteaux cathares – 06 43 11 97 93
  • La Taverne – 9 Grand Rue – 06 31 59 31 45

  • O Del’ice11 Grand Rue – 06 72 15 18 89 – also artisanal ice creams made with sheep’s milk and local products

Day 2

Restaurants in 11190 Bugarach: (evenings by reservation)

  • Le jardin de Sissou06 81 02 35 29
  • Les Saveurs du Terroir– 19 grand rue –

    La ferme de Janou04 68 69 81 69 (preferably by reservation)


  • Salicorne Association– 04 68 69 82 94 –
  • Sunset Guinguette – Crêperie snack bar – 06 84 22 75 37

    Légendes d’Oc : Stéphanie Buttegeg – tour guide- 06 72 73 81


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