Coming to Limouxin by plane

At 26 kms from Limouxin, Carcassonne airport provides direct flights to Belgium, Great Britain and Ireland. Less than 2 hours away, the airports of Toulouse and Montpellier connect us to the whole world!

Car rental

Many car rental companies are present at Carcassonne Airport

If you want to move around freely in the Limoux area, renting a car can be a practical option. Various solutions exist and may suit you. Think about it!




A cab stand is available in front of the Carcassonne terminal. Qualified drivers are available 24 hours a can contact them directly by phone at +33 (0)4 68 71 50 50.



To simplify your arrival, stay and departure from Carcassonne Airport, shuttle transportation services exist.

Adapted to aircraft schedules, each departure takes place 45 minutes after the arrival of each flight. In the Carcassonne-Airport direction, the schedules allow you to arrive for check-in.

The shuttle serves, in particular, the city of Carcassonne as well as the SNCF train station, which will allow you to take the direction of Limouxin.

Tickets are on sale on the RTCA mobile app or directly on board. Fare: 6€ / free for children under 5