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Located in the southwest of the Grand Carcassonne, the PDO is bordered on the north by the Canal du Midi. It is the westernmost of the Languedoc appellations, stretching around the wooded massif of the Malepère, from the gates of Carcassonne to Limoux and into the Lauragais.The Malepère PDO is in the Vignobles & Découvertes Grand Vins en Grand Carcassonne territory.


Climestone-clay hillsides all on the hillside, ancient gravelly terraces and sandstone pech.


Oceanic sensitivity blends with Mediterranean character, revealing a transitional climate with original characteristics, modulated by altitude.


Adapting the grape varieties to the ecological diversity, Malepère AOC wines are made from a blend of Atlantic and Mediterranean grape varieties. Rule for red wines : Main grape variety, Merlot (minimum 50%), complementary grape varieties, Cabernet Franc, Cot (minimum 20%), secondary grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Cinsault. Rule of grape varieties for rosé wines: main grape variety, Cabernet Franc (minimum 50%) Complementary grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Cot, Grenache, Merlot (minimum 20%).


For reds: destemmed grapes, traditional vinification with maceration and temperature control. The duration of vatting is variable. Rosés obtained by bleeding, with low temperature fermentation.

Every year, from July to August, the Malepère PDO organizes appointments every Thursday at the winegrowers’ for a convivial moment of discovery! Tastings, concerts, meals… Visit their website for more information:

+33 4 68 69 95 10 – – Facebook: @AOP.Malepere

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