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Winegrower tradition

The 1st bubble wine, the Blanquette de Limoux was born in the Middle Ages in the cellar of the Abbey of Saint Hilaire. A monk discovered that the wine he had bottled and carefully corked with cork was forming bubbles (bottle fermentation). The 1st brut in the world had just been born in the Benedictine abbey of Saint Hilaire, which contrasts its verticality of blonde stone with the perfect, horizontal geometry of the rows of vines. Historians have found texts from the time already mentioning flascons of Blanquette de Limoux, originating from Saint Hilaire.


The earliest manuscript in which blanquette de Limoux is mentioned, dates to 1544.



To water his victories, the Sieur d’Arques never fails to “lamper the “flascons of Blanquette de Limoux” offered to him by the consuls of the City. As early as the 17th century, our neighbors across the Channel succumbed to the charm of sparkling. The English author Georges Farquhar wrote “the rough sparkles like the good words of a witty man.


4 terroirs


40 communes around Limoux form the territory of the appellation area. This territory combines sparkling and still wines on 4 terroirs:


Terroir d’Autan:nested in the heart of the appellation area, sheltered from the east and west flows by 2 mountainous massifs (the Corbières and the Chalabrais) the terroir of Autan benefits from a warm and dry climate

Mediterranean land: east of Limoux, in the part closest to the sea, the Mediterranean territory enjoys a warm climate tempered by sea winds

Oceanic terroir:West of Limoux, in the part of the appellation area closest to Toulouse, the oceanic terroir is characterized by a humid temperate climate, open to westerly flows and warm periods.

Terroir de la Haute Vallée:as you move up the course of the Aude and closer to the Pyrenees, this wetter, colder terroir experiences a late spring and cool fall. This is the territory of choice for chardonnay and merlot.


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