Salt WalkSalt Walk
©Salt Walk|Jean-Louis Socquet-Juglard
Heritage in celebration

Salt Walk

And if the visit of the salt water domain was told to you...

It is said in the country, that there is a spring in the middle of the mountain that gives salt. Who gives salt?! it was not a trivial information at the time. Indeed, the salt water area was the scene of a very active smuggling scene during the time of the unpopular gabelle. Salt smugglers defied the surveillance of the gabelous, whose post had been installed near the source following the decision of the royal power to create a tax on salt (the gabelle).

Salt WalkSalt Walk
©Salt Walk

We invite you to put your footsteps in those of the glassmakers, salt smugglers, farmers, charcoal makers, and other inhabitants of the territory to discover its natural riches and historical treasures.

Every year, the first weekend of July (Saturday or Sunday), the volunteers of the association Salicorne, plunges you into this era through its beaten pathways where each era has its share of history. The departure of “The Walk of Salt” changes each year, it is from one of the partner villages of the association, as well as the route to reach the source.

Smugglers, gentlemen, farmers accompanied by their donkeys … will accompany you throughout the walk. Arriving at the salt water domain, you will find the hut of the salt maker, the latter boiling the water to extract the salt. To know that the quantity of salt contained in a liter of water can reach 60gr… that is to say 2 times more than the sea water !


Throughout the day, characters from another time will evoke for you the life and history of yesteryear and will make you discover the unusual places of our region.



€10 (free for children under 10)

Duration: 6 hours of walking spread over the whole day, punctuated every half hour or so with animated breaks

  • Advised equipment: water bottle, picnic, walking shoes, windbreaker, headgear.
  • To blend into history, dare to dress up 19th century.
  • People accompanied by dogs will have to keep them on a leash all day.
  • The appointment is at 8am on the village of reception where “a peasant breakfast” will await you before ringing the departure, direction, the tracks of salt smugglers and gabelous.
  • A meal is organized in the evening on the village of reception. Do not hesitate to take the information.
  • In partnership with the Community of Municipalities of Limouxin and with the participation of the town halls of : Arques, Bugarach, Camps sur Agly, Couiza, Cubières sur Cinoble, Fourtou, Rennes les bains, Serres and Sougraigne.