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A man from Alet, an extraordinary destiny

On the occasion of the centenary of his death, the magnificent city of Alet-les-Bains is putting a unique character from its history back in the spotlight: Pierre CUBAT, an internationally renowned chef, through a brand new cultural and gourmet event!

A local child

Celebrate Pierre CUBAT,

with an exceptional career

Still too little known in Occitania and on the Limouxin, land of gastronomes and bon vivants, Pierre CUBAT was nevertheless a major historical figure.

Born in Alet-les-bains in 1844, of modest but intelligent and hard-working origin, Pierre CUBAT , left for the capital after his apprenticeship as a pastry cook to perfect his skills in the greatest houses. He thus officiated at the Café Anglais during the Universal Exhibition, frequented by the whole of Paris, and he would be the actor of a remarkable event that went down in history as the Dinner of the Three Emperors.

Thanks to his talent and an extraordinary career path, he would rise to the rank of the greatest chef of his time, which would take him from Alet to St. Petersburg, where he would be appointed head chef at the Russian court in the service of the last three czars, Alexander II, Alexander III and Nicholas II.

Attached to his roots and concerned with valorizing the products of his territory, Pierre CUBAT served at the table of the Tsars the lamb of the Pays de Sault and the mineral water of Alet.

Died in 1922, his death elevated him to the pantheon of great cooks when the culinary academy of France, which defends and promotes the values of French Gastronomy, awarded him one of the fifty chairs bearing the names of the most illustrious cooks of all time.

A 1st edition 2022

rich and greedy



CONFERENCE: At the Table of the Tsars by Nicolas de la Bretèche

GASTRONOMIC MEAL: The Tsar’s Dinner (in 5 courses) – by Chef Simon CARLIER

1900s BAL– at the booth

EXHIBITS and DISCOVERIESall day long, throughout the village



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The book


And the spark rekindled the light

Pierre CUBAT did everything out of passion and it was also a passionate writer, Nicolas de la Bretèche, who set out in his footsteps and traced the fabulous destiny of this exceptional cook at the heart of the life of the Romanovs in his book “A la tables des Tsars“.


This exciting work and history will be honored in an exceptional lecture by Mr. de la Bretèche himself.

Accustomed to the fact, he is used to officiate on the Champs Elysees in Paris or even on EUROPE 1 and he travels the largest fairs to promote his book.

Mr. de la Bretèche is the Honorary President of the event.