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Heritage in celebration

The Festival of Yesteryear

of Cubières sur Cinoble
We are talking about a time, that people under 50 years old cannot know

The last weekend of July, Cubières sur Cinoble takes a leap back in time, in the years 1900 more precisely, for two days. The trades of yesteryear are honored and remind what was this life punctuated throughout the year by the work of the earth and the family life.

Fête D'antanFête D'antan
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Grab the Sergeant Major pen at “l’école Jules Ferry” and don’t make any mistakes in the dictation or the dunce cap will be waiting for you. If it’s a no-fault, the schoolmistress will award the traditional good point, a token of congratulation for the efforts made.

As you climb the door of the old-fashioned kitchen, it’s the sound of the TSF sets that calls out before plunging into this rustic place, the heart of the house’s life.

Outside, the peasants are threshing wheat, manually but also thanks to the threshing machines that work with the help of engines from the 1900’s and tractor. Engines from the era hum along.

But also: the Baker baking bread in the communal bread oven, the clog maker shaping a piece of wood into a clog, the washerwomen laundering laundry with ash, the blacksmith shaping a horseshoe, the wheelwrights hooping wheels, not to mention the parades of antique tractors and the working water mill dating back to 1073.


Wonderful moment to spend with the family, grandparents are delighted to be able to accompany the grandchildren and make them discover their childhood.


And at the end of the field, in the park, “the guinguette” where you can meet to twirl with your rider or sip a lemonade.

Tablet, laptop, computer, forget all that at home and plunge into the life of your grandparents or great-grandparents in the discovery of a past era and yet not so far away.

Close your eyes and immerse yourself 100 years earlier, find the rudiments of the life of yesteryear especially through the guided tours.


Eager to participate?

Free admission

Take a step back in time for two days!

  • Free food both days and parking available
  • Musical entertainment, ball
  • Bed and breakfasts on site, camping available
  • Open air museums, you are invited to come and admire human prowess. The trades will be in activity all weekend.
  • A meal is organized in the evening on the village of reception. Do not hesitate to take the information.