The BuffoliThe Buffoli
©The Buffoli|Didier Donnat

The Buffoli of Ladern sur Lauquet

Funny scene

Around midnight, on the night of the village feast Tuesday, a strange scene is witnessed. Dressed in old white nightgowns, white bonnets, and with black smoke on their faces, hundreds of people, most of them inhabitants of the village or guests, arrive in single file, equipped with “bufets” or a broom.

An evening of jubilation
  • The bufet: bellows to fan the fire in the fireplaces.
  • The broom: is used to chase away characters “not in keeping” with the theme of the evening.

To the rhythm of the brass instruments blown by the village musicians, the farandole unfolds in a frenzied dance for a good hour, all the while singing.

Arriving at the center of the village, the farandole composed of more than 400 people begins to turn, turn until intoxicated drawing a giant snail.

A “infernal” machine, a sulfate machine diverted from its original purpose throws confetti (200 kg) into the foyer.


The buffoli takes place every year, end of August on the Tuesday evening of the local festival.

Check out our program of animations or contact the Ladern-sur-Lauquet town hall for more information. Watch the evolution of the farandole below, hypnotic!”