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Thermal springs of the Aude

The must-haves

The village of Rennes-les-Bains located in the High Valley of the Aude at an altitude of 310 m has the only thermal spa in the Aude. It is specialized in rheumatology and the after-effects of osteoarticular trauma.


its Springs and its Thermal Station

Its history is almost exclusively centered around its springs and thermalism and this, since the Gallo-Roman period.

The undeniable therapeutic virtues of its hot waters known since antiquity, have made Rennes-les-Bains the spa of the Gaulle Narbonnaise.

Since that time the benefits of its waters have never been denied.

Everyone can claim the care provided in the spa of Rennes-les-Bains, whether as part of a spa treatment prescribed by a doctor and reimbursed by health insurance funds, or as part of a fitness regimen.

The diversity of treatments offered, combined with the therapeutic action of the thermal waters of Rennes act effectively against painful phenomena in degenerative and inflammatory rheumatology.

Naturally warm water pool

An outdoor thermal water pool also welcomes a public eager to relax in warm, sedative waters, in a protected green setting where nature is untouched and omnipresent.

A very nice way to take care of your health and refuel.

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