Waterfall of FourtouWaterfall of Fourtou
©Waterfall of Fourtou|© Jean-Louis Socquet-Juglard
Water is everywhere

Lakes and waterfalls

it is the decor of Limouxin !
Take your time, get away

Lakes, rivers, waterfalls… as you travel through the Limoux region, let yourself be lulled by the watercourses that crisscross the land and bring life and rigor to the flora and fauna.

What could be more pleasant than discovering a magnificent waterfall, or walking around a lake while giving free rein to dreaming andletting go“.

The Limoux landscapes offer you a natural, calm and serene interlude. Let yourself be overwhelmed by this feeling of freedom.

Good for relaxation

The lakes of Arques, Bugarach, Belvèze du Razès and Escueillens invite you to beautiful walks, in green settings, to spend a pleasant time with family or friends. It is also possible on some sites to indulge in fishing especially in 2nd category

Bewitching/enchanting places

Limoux’s waterfalls are all more seductive than the others. Between the small waterfalls and water gullies dug by the Agly in the Gorges de Galamus, or those of the Sals at the Domaine de l’Eau Salée in Sougraigne, or those of Greffeil that run along the Plos trail, the lapping of the water invites you to stroll.

More impressive for their height, the Mathieux waterfall, at the foot of the Bugarach peak and the Vieux Moulin waterfall in Fourtou stand out in the hollow of a magnificent green setting.

The wonder is there!
The others

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