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The territory of the Limouxin, preserved and little urbanized, within climatic influences and varied types of soils, concentrates a very great diversity of natural environments.

On its own, it thus shelters a teeming biodiversity which constitutes a true wealth to be discovered and shared. Some of them, due to their rarity, are moreover protected and followed with particular attention.

A true naturalist immersion is offered to you.

Some figures

on the natural wealth of the Aude!

1st in the national ranking

with 182 species, the largest number of breeding birds in France

On the podium of departments

the richest in plant biodiversity

40% of the departmental surface area

covered by Sensitive Natural Spaces

Sensitive Natural Areas

of Limouxin
What is an ENS?

A sensitive natural area (ENS) is a site recognized for its exceptional natural heritage hosting a very diverse or remarkable fauna and flora. They are listed and promoted by the department in charge of them.

La forêt des Plos (ENS)

Located in the western Corbières, south of the small village of Greffeil, the Plos forest occupies about 40 hectares. At the foot of the slope flows the Lauquet river. It is bordered on its left bank bycliffs and shelters many animal and plant species. Covered with pines, firs, green andpubescent oaks, arbutus trees, Montpellier maples and a magnificent solitary corm tree, the Plos forest is sustainably managed to ensure the mix and permanence of the forest cover through natural regeneration of stands.

A trail allows you to walk within the ENS while apprehending the natural heritage thanks to discovery panels.

The Vulture Observatory (ENS)

The Vulture Observatory provides an opportunity to learn about the role of scavenging raptors in their natural environment. It is equipped with a long view and explanatory panels. Located in front of the Falconnière cliff, a place assiduously frequented by birds, it has a plot on which are deposited the carcasses of animals from a nearby farm allowing you to observe the “curation” of the vultures.
The observatory is the result of a collaboration between the commune of Bugarach, the Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux de l’Aude, and the Conseil départemental de l’Aude.

The observatory is located at the Col du Rouilhe at the start of the path leading to the Pont Romain, 2 km before the village of Bugarach. It is accessible to all, including people with reduced mobility.

Buagarach Tourist Vulture ObservatoryBuagarach Tourist Vulture Observatory
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Let yourself be guided by

to nature outings!

The “Discover ENSemble, sensitive natural spaces” program invites you to fully enjoy the Aude landscapes, reflections of man’s historical imprint in a magnificently protected natural environment to make everyone the actor of a nature to be preserved.

The Nature animators are mobilized for a large part of the year to make people discover the heritage in a playful, educational, unusual sometimes and in any case never boring way !

You don’t need to be a seasoned sportsman to enjoy the walks or animations. They are designed to be accessible to all: families, seniors… and people with disabilities.

A protection and enhancement project in

Regional Natural Park

With regard to the great diversity of environments and species, and more broadly to the high heritage value, presenting a strong stake in preservation and enhancement, a certain number of communes in the Limouxin territory are concerned by a project for a Corbières-Fenouillèdes Regional Natural Park.

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