Cloister - Abbey of RieunetteCloister - Abbey of Rieunette
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The Cistercians of Rieunette

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The Cistercian abbey of Sainte Marie de Rieunette is home to a small community of nuns. Between prayer and work, they welcome visitors all year round who wish to discover the Cistercian heritage, or to make a spiritual stop and participate in the monastic services.

In addition to growing a potager-orchard, they make a living producing organic cosmetics under the brand name “Couleur Ciel,” which they make on site in their small laboratory and export throughout France and abroad. Their small store also offers ceramics and works illustrated by a sister as well as products from other monasteries.

Of the primitive abbey remains the late seventeenth century abbey church, of a very pure and unadorned architecture, free of any remodeling. Founded in 1162 the Abbey prospered until XVI century. During the Wars of Religion it was burned down; the community took refuge in Carcassonne, tried in vain to resettle in Rieunette in the XVII century and was finally suppressed in 1761. Since 1998, a community of Cistercian nuns has brought the place back to life.

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