©Sougraigne| Jean-Louis Socquet-Juglard


Sougraigne, a small picturesque village is surrounded by meadows and forests. At the top of the valley, the salt water springs give birth to the Sals river which knew rich hours at the time of the Gabelle. The village, whose main activity is breeding, is located at the crossroads of several hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking routes linking Arques, Rennes Les Bains, Bugarach, Camps sur l’Agly. Sougraigne has a paleontological fauna of great wealth and diversity of fossiliferous deposits.


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Le Domaine De L’eau Salée-Constituted of 600 ha, managed by the Office National des Forêts (ONF), dominates the valley of the Sals. The ruins of the Métairie de la Fontaine Salée and the old Gabelous barracks remain. In this magical place, a salty spring gives birth to the river Sals.

La marche du sel– Every year, association Salicorne organizes an animated walk in the footsteps of the old smugglers. Characters from another time will take you into the surprising world of salt.