Terres Rouges PeyrollesTerres Rouges Peyrolles
©Terres Rouges Peyrolles|Jean-Louis Socquet-Juglard


Peyrolles is located between Arques, Serres and Luc sur Aude, in the middle of a mountainous terrain composed exclusively of red marl. It is in this type of marl that dinosaur eggs as well as other fossils can be found.


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Church dedicated to Saint Saturnin and its 17th century altarpiece

The menhir of Peyrolles, this menhir is called by the locals “The Watchman“, so much its shape evokes that of an old sage… Discover this sacred site through a guided tour with Stephanie

A hiking trail allows you to discover Les Terres Rouges, the red, highly eroded marls that form a succession of small canyons