Village Luc Sur AudeVillage Luc Sur Aude
©Village Luc Sur Aude|Jean-Louis Socquet Juglard


Established at 260 m above sea level on the immediate outskirts of the creek of Luc, about 800 meters west of its confluence with the river Aude, the village clusters its houses on the southern flank of a small limestone greenhouse. The site of Luc sur Aude has been known since the Gallo-Roman period. The ancient habitat is essentially agglomerated around the old village with the notable exception of two buildings: the metairie of Luc and the gentleman’s residence of Castillou. Most of the agricultural activity is therefore concentrated in the lower parts of the territory, where the sheltered soulanes and hillsides host a vineyard producing quality white grape varieties, such as chardonnay.


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The Church dedicated to Saint Leocadie, a very old building, representative of several eras, has preserved part of its Romanesque elevations in Lombard style that allow us to date its construction to the 11th century.

Les Capitelles -small huts in traditional construction, remain here and there, scattered throughout the communal territory. Pleasant paths allow family walks in the scrubland and towards the neighboring villages (the paths are not marked).

To note on the commune, the establishment for many years, of a chocolate confectioner “Nougalet“. His quality products are the pride of the Lucois and deserve a small stop “pleasure” at the store located along the national.