Sentier Des Plots GreffeilSentier Des Plots Greffeil
©|Jean Louis Socquet


Greffeil is a commune located in the Lauquet valley next to the Castillou forest. Very touristic, the main activities are crafts and agriculture. Located in an area protected by the ABF, the building is of character and totally adapted to the environment. Greffeil is an active and very supportive village.


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Church of St. Cyr and St. Juliet- this listed building dates from the 14th century.

Bridge over the Lauquet– the structure is with three arches dates from the early 18th century.

La forêt des Plos, this forest of about 40 hectares at the very beginning of the Western Corbières, is located along a pretty river, the Lauquet, provided with some small limestone cliffs and small swimming areas. A 3 kilometer loop allows you to walk along the Lauquet river and through the Plos forest. The path goes down and along the river, explanatory panels with details on the fauna and flora punctuate the route.

Two other hikes from Greffeil will take you to the wizard’s house (8 km) or the ruins of Escoubille (10 km). The marked trails start from the village church or from the parking lot on the D56.