Gaja and VilledieuGaja and Villedieu
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Gaja and Villedieu

The commune consists of a town built on a hill, a hamlet of Villedieu 2 km away and 5 estates. Gaja is located on a hill overlooking the plain of Razès. Its origin goes back to the XIIth century. It was a fortified castle surrounded by ditches, of which there are still vestiges. The domain of Villemartin has fragments of the cloister and the chapel reconstituted from the XIIth century. The estate is privately owned.


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Parish Church of The Assumption of Gaja in Romanesque style.

Domaine Saint Roch : This family-owned vineyard cultivates the oldest Chardonnay vineyard in the Languedoc and offers sparkling wines -Blanquette and Crément -and still wines