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Cubieres sur Cinoble

Located a few kilometers west of the castles of Peyrepertuse and Queribus, on the border of the departments of Pyrénées Orientales and Aude, the small commune conceals an original and diversified natural heritage and landscape. The spectacular site of the Gorges de Galamus, is remarkable with the deep canyon dug by the waters of the Agly and the hermitage of Saint Antoine, built in a natural cavity of the cliff. What is known about the history of the village comes mainly from archival texts related to the 9th century abbey. Another account of the inquisition reveals some episodes of the history of the last Cathar perfect Belibaste born around 1280 in Cubières.


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The church of Cubieres sur Cinoble, an amazing post-medieval construction incorporating remarkable parts of an 11th century abbey church.

Chateau de Cubières -a seigniorial castle with the appearance of a manor house, for many centuries the property of the Lords Archbishops of Narbonne, renovated and embellished with an extraordinary garden, is open to visit, all year long

Le Gorges de Galamus– Rising in Camps sur Agly, the waters of the Agly, River of the Eagles, have carved out this impressive canyon over a height of several hundred meters. Many activities are proposed on the site

La Fête d’Antan, organized every year on the last weekend of July, spontaneously transports us to the time of our grandparents and naturally serves as a setting for demonstrating the old trades of yesteryear.