Castle of ArquesCastle of Arques
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In the heart of southwestern France, in the department of Aude, nestled in the hollow of the Corbières, on the border of the Razès and the Termenès, on the route of the Cathar castles, the village of Arques offers visitors the richness of its history as well as the beauty of the nature that surrounds it. Its castle classified Site Pôle du Pays Cathare, its museum, its playground, its guest rooms, its shops make this small commune one of the privileged sites where it is good to reside, work, rest or walk in peace.


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The Castle of Arques with its keep is a masterpiece of Gothic art in military architecture. Measuring 11 meters on each side and 25 meters high, it stands in the center of the enclosure and consists of 2 levels. The southwestern corner of the enclosure is occupied by the tower.

In the heart of the village is the birthplace of Déodat Roché historian of Catharism. This museum now houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to Catharism.