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Medieval village, Alaigne is mentioned as early as XI century among the seigneuries of the archbishop of Narbonne. It is a fortified circular village, built at the foot of the Pic des Trois seigneurs.


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The remains of the enclosure with the fortified gate known as Pépi, at the southern entrance to the village, topped by a tower containing three superimposed rooms. The passage under the tower is covered by a semicircular vault that has a machicolation slot. The construction dates from the end of the 15th century. A second door called “d’Arres” located in the North allowed the access to the central square of the village.

A hike through the villages of the Razès offers a magnificent palette of landscapes. The richness and diversity of the vegetation, sometimes forest massif and sometimes garrigue is completed by the vineyard and gentle hills. The exceptional 360° panorama from the top of the Pech des Trois Seigneurs awaits you at an altitude of 443 m.