Land of artists and know-how

Nurture your artistic soul

Here in Limouxin, culture, nature, gastronomy, terroir and history have always attracted many visitors and artists.

I love Pieusse with a tough love. Love is what is hard. A hill, the simplest in the world, clean and raw, serves as its horizon! The river Aude flows at its feet, in love with its own banks. The plain is porous, attractive and secret like a wife. Nothing is more ardent than a stump, except its son, the wine. Poplars like spears cross the territory from side to side. everything is knotted in the unity of the sun.

Joseph Delteil

Whether you’re a beginner, or a budding artist, the Limouxin is for you! Some will tell you that our nature and scapes are both mysterious and legendary, atypical and customary, calming and bubbling, …

At our house art is multiple and can appeal to all 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Many events are dedicated to our knowledge, tribute to former artists recognized or to “déniché” new talent, here in Limouxin we share our soul of artist! Come discover and learn from our associations with whom could share the passion of art.


Our main artistic animations :

Throughout the year many animations are organized on different sites of the territory: