Pepper cakes - PrébradouxPepper cakes - Prébradoux
©Pepper cakes - Prébradoux|Didier Donnat
Gourmet land

Limoux specialties

The Limoux region has great taste!

The art of living, here, obviously involves the table. If in 1531, a monk invented the first sparkling wine in the world, to the delight of wine lovers, the Blanquette and Crémant, wonderful and delicate wines, are now exported worldwide.

To amaze

your taste buds

from salty to sweet!

A brioche soaked in a rum syrup, topped with a pastry cream with candied fruits, it contains a bean and a subject during the epiphany. It can be found throughout the year at some pastry shops.

Set against a backdrop of sweet brioche, topped with apple compote with dry tartsmacerated in rum and topped with a almond financier this specialty is one to share with family and friends.

In a country of mountain vines, it is normal to find the nougat, fruit of the meeting between the almond of the vineyards and the honey. A naturaland traditional sweetener, the white nougat, a piece of pure pleasure, is the quintessential Limoux confection.

A sweet treat for the holiday season but also year-round, this fine chocolate bite, filled with chocolate cream flavored with marc de blanquette and embellished with dried grapes, naturally combines the fine aromas of vineyard products with the bitterness of cacao.

Prepared with respect for traditional craftsmanship and constant innovation in the service of taste, young and old alike enjoy them throughout the day

  • Chocolates:with rich, generous flavors.
  • Confectionery:everything sour has genius! The simple pleasure of childhood sweets.

Created in the 1950s, it has recently returned. Flavored with vanilla and hazelnuts, it’s great for snacking.



Le Pébradous : aperitif cake, with twisted dough, embellished with pepper, a pretty golden color, it is the companion of aperitifs with cremant, blanquette and chardonnay.

And also:

the fricassee of Limoux !

A pork-based dish, it is part of the cultural heritage of the region. Friendly dish that was served in the farms during the “pig kill” the fricassee is made of specific pork chunks in thick sauce. It is served with a dish of cooked white beans. With a glass of red, certain flavors are enhanced…. It is truly the wine that underscores the Fricassee de Limoux.

Give or Treat Yourself to the Fricassee de Limoux

The Fricassee de Limoux, adapted and cooked for years in a cannery, lends itself very well to this distribution format. It keeps, in the expert hands of our Limoux canners, a great level of quality. The canners open their doors to you, inviting you to a concert of local flavors of which the Fricassee is just one example.

Land of breeding

The Limouxin is also a land of traditional and familial breeding: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry also make it possible to elaborate recipes of quality, onions, cheeses, fruits…. It is not uncommon to find poultry spiced up with a crémant sauce, excellent charcuterie, a rib on the bone embellished with a red wine sauce.

Salted liver artichokes, wild boar stew, wild asparagus omelet, millas, honeys, jams, quince jelly and pastes, fruit juices complete this panoply of Limoux specialties.